“myWaySolar” does 360° PV turnkey solutions, undertaking integrated PV solar projects, from A to Z

myWay Solar offers fully-integrated solutions for the successful implementation of solar PV projects. At the heart of this solution is our deep industry knowledge and self speaking track record. myWay Solar offers EPC services at every step of the value chain, including:

  • Engineering: We design solar plants with optimum PV output committed to achieve the most affordable and levellized cost of electricity in any region.
  • Procurement: We are able to negotiate and supply bankable technology from renowned suppliers and services suitable to the project at best terms possible.
  • Project Management: We plan the whole process, taking care of every detail to guarantee the successful project completion.
  • Construction: We manage referenced contractors to build the project, assuring the highest level of quality within the time and cost deadlines, in total compliance with local regulations.
  • Commissioning: myWay Solar carries out several commissioning tests to make sure that each power plant operates as designed and performs as expected.



Investments in PV require a wide range of activities that define the scope, plant specifications, quality, project duration, and total cost. These include the following:

  • Field study
  • Economical study
  • License/permit procedures
  • Financial assistance (optional)
  • Engineering and project development
  • Procurement and construction
  • Commissioning
  • Operation and Maintenance