Roof Top Solar

myWay Solar offers customized solutions for all kind of rooftop designing and developing innovative products adaptable to each client's needs with an eco-friendly attitude. myWay Solar perfectly adapts to both medium and large rooftops, being a leading option in all types of applications: industrial, commercial, institutional and residential. We have the experience and know-how to undertake your photovoltaic challenge, offering quick, innovative and efficient solutions.


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myWay Solar Roof Top Design Options

myWay Solar has experience in installing high quality solar rooftop solutions compatible with various types of roofs. The designs are customized to suit Indian climatic conditions as well as different types of rooftops ranging from RCC Flat roofs to Pre Engineered Buildings (PEB). Our engineers will work with you to develop a system that best fits your needs and that will turn your installation into a success story.

Key design features of solar rooftop systems from myWay Solar are:

  • Proven quality components according to highest international standards
  • Tier 01 PV module technology
  • Best in class Inverter technology
  • Leak-proof mounting systems
  • Non corrosive materials
  • Lightweight design to minimize roof loading

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myWay Solar Energy Storage Solutions

myWay Solar offers off grid rooftop solutions wherein energy is stored in batteries to be used at night. These are used mainly in areas where there are power outages and also in village electrification.

Solar rooftop systems can also efficiently complement diesel generators and reduce their fuel consumption significantly. Solar diesel hybrid systems allow for significant cost reductions of fuel costs and a reliable power supply. Due to increasing prices of power from fossil fuels and from the grid, very attractive payback times, as low as 4 years, can be achieved. Afterwards the system provides free, CO2-free power for the more than 25 years. myWay Solar provides best of design engineering and technology to implement diesel-hybrid solutions for your company (energy storage systems). We design solar-diesel hybrid solution accounting for individual’s needs to maximize profits and payback times.

myWay Solar Process Flow

myWay Solar believes in well documented process and project management flow for all its projects. Simple procedural flow is as under:

To be provided

System Planning Documentation Checklist

  • Rooftop Site survey study
  • Site permits
  • System design and equipment specifications
  • Electrical and mechanical drawings with connections requirements
  • Project schedule
  • Site layout and equipment locations
  • Environmental compliance plans, if required
  • Quality assurance (QA)/quality control (QC) plan (responsibilities, documents control, construction process control, inspections and testing for in-process and completed work, recording of quality information)
  • O&M procedures
  • Site-specific safety procedures