Village Electrification

Our 500 Watt Mini/Micro Grid Solar Power plant can be very effective in villages with a cluster of 25-30 houses.

myWay Solar has electrified more than 70 village clusters across different districts of Uttar Pradesh under the CSR initiative of organizations.

Technical specification of a typical village

  • SPV module of 500 Watts
  • Supported by 2Nos of batteries of 150 Ah designed at 24Volts
  • DC Power generated directly used for lighting of LED Lamps
  • Special designed LED Lamps can operate at a Minimum voltage of 9-10 Volts ( At the End House)
  • Providing electricity to 25-30 households within a radius of 150 meters
  • Each household is provided with two LED bulbs of 2 Watt each with single mobile charging point.
  • Automatic System shuts off, based on dual timer tracking sun rise and sun set
  • Battery backup for 2 days
Village Electrification

Technical Specification

Component Specifications
PV Module 500 watt
LED Bulbs 2×LED Bulbs(2 Watt)
Battery 2Nos,12 V,150AH, Tubular Battery.
Other Components Battery Box,Charge Controller with Dual Timer, Transmission Distribution box, Household Distribution Box, Inter Connecting wires/ Cables, Separate Switches, operation, instruction and maintenance manual
Village Electrification