Social Impact

Not only do solar energy systems generate energy with zero greenhouse gas emissions, but the solar industry has also taken on the responsibility to mitigate and manage the full range of social and environmental impacts during the entire lifecycle of the solar energy system.

We at “myWay Solar” have worked extensively over the last year worked in solar technology which will have a definitive social impact.

We strongly feel that one of the best uses of Solar technology is in Solar Pumps. It will make the farmer less dependent on diesel gensets and increase productivity. It works best during sunny days when the fields need to be irrigated and during cloudy days when the water output will reduce, the chances of the fields getting irrigated naturally is high. In a country like India it will also reduce the burden of the government in providing three phase electricity to the fields and would end up saving millions of rupees thus improving the fiscal deficit of the government of the day.

We strongly believe that the country’s future is inherently linked to rural prosperity and have also installed more than 4000 nos of Solar LED home lighting systems in rural India.

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myWay Solar” operates in high power deficit, diesel dependent, agrarian & poor economic regions of India. Our solar solutions bring meaningful impact across stakeholders by:

  • Increasing Farmer’s income manifold
  • Cutting down diesel fuel consumption significantly
  • Building sustainable and prosperous rural economies
  • Providing light to rural households helping in increasing literacy levels amongst children and providing alternative income solutions to rural households especially women.

As a team we also have extensive experience in village electrification and have provided partial electricity to more than 70 village clusters. These are areas where there was no electricity and the villages went to sleep with sunset. Now with our solutions the village children are able to study at night, the women folk have time for secondary earnings through stiching and other small work. Small mohalla sabhas can be organized at night helping the villagers to sort out issues during the non productive hours. We have seen a significant impact in these villages on installation of small power plants.

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As the prices of solar components are coming down, “myWay Solar” is also focusing on the Solar Rooftop segment and envisages a multifold increase in installation of self generating solar rooftop solutions across different regions of the country. We have a dedicated team of professionals and business partners who are spread across the length and width of the country wherein we are creating a sales and service channel. This is in line with the government policies and would reduce the dependence of the economy on fossil fuels.

The responsibility is on us to hand over a better planet to the next generation and “myWay Solar” is trying to contribute in its own small way.

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